A nine-year old football player is making headlines for dominating a youth tackle league in Utah. Perhaps the most surprising part of the story is that the player is a girl.

Sam Gordon put up incredible numbers in her league, playing against nearly all boys. The young girl was unstoppable at running back, rushing for 1,911 yards on 8.2 yards per carry. She scored 35 touchdowns, and looked unstoppable against opposing teams.

Gordon even played defense. She’s registered 65 tackles, managing to be strong on defense, while still carrying the ball 233 times.

A highlight reel of Gordon has been circulating on the internet and made her an overnight sensation. On Thursday afternoon, she became so widely talked about that she was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

USA Today is reporting that Gordon played in the Ute conference in the greater Salt Lake City area. The girl competed against mostly fellow nine-year olds in the Gremlin age group.

The compilation of Gordon’s plays was posted on the web by the girl’s father, Brent. He claims it was his daughter’s first year playing football, and she became the team’s starting quarterback.

Below is the video of Gordon’s football highlights. The video already has over 2 million views on YouTube.