Ever since "David after Dentist" asked if this was “real life” in 2009, the Web has become flooded with videos of post-op, anesthesia-induced hilarity from everyone to children to grown adults showing their lack of control under the dental sedatives.

A recent video of teen Abbie Kritz after her wisdom tooth surgery is storming the Web with more than 92,000 hits and counting. During the Kansas native's car ride home after her routine wisdom tooth removal, her boyfriend of one-year, Dillon, filmed her, showing the teen hysterically crying and apologizing to her teeth for their death. The clip has already made the rounds on local and national new stations.

“I did it against my own will; I would have kept you. I loved you from the first moment on,” Kritz says, claiming she “took life” and goes on to talk to her removed teeth, telling them that they could go back in her mouth if they wanted to.

"They were just trying to help me chew, and I didn't accept them. I could have accepted them,” Kritz says, telling everyone in the vehicle she deserves to feel the pain from the surgery.

Kritz said on her Twitter page that, despite her hilarious reaction to her medication, she was fortunate to experience a quick recovery and doesn’t remember much of the now infamous moment.

Kritz and David are not the only dentist-related video stars on YouTube. Here are five other patients that will make you rethink who you let accompany you to your next dental visit.

'Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth' - 9 Million Views

This video starts off calm, showing a girl laying on a bed following a surgery until her cameraman asks how she is feeling.

“I feel like a unicorn just took me on a ride to a magical palace to the land of the blueberries,” she says, listing off the foods the mythical creatures lets her eat until she spontaneously starts rapping and dancing to the song “Who’s in the House.”

'Brother And Sister Dental Odyssey' - 4.6 Million Views

This sibling duo call themselves the new "David after Dentist." The 10-minute clip shows the pair, who received wisdom tooth removal surgeries on the same day, being filmed by their mom on their way home after their operations.

Austin can be heard telling his mom the doctor put a sword in his funny bone and his elbow and that he went into space; he begins crying after his sister, Catelyn, touches his arm. The sister stays mute throughout the video only smiling goofily and waving once. The highlight of the video: a spontaneous game of thumb war where the two realize they both can’t move their fingers to play.

'Kyle After Wisdom Tooth Surgery' - 920,000 Views

In a change of pace from usual wisdom tooth videos, dental patient and model Kyle records his own reactions after his surgery. Kyle’s shaky footage shows him hiccupping and sleepy-eyed, asking his mom if he can have a “slumber party in his basement.” When his mom asks him if he wants to go to school, he enthusiastically nods and then starts incorrectly reciting the alphabet.

'Girl Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Taken Out And Thinks She's In Hogwarts' - 415,000 Views

One Harrisburg, N.C., girl adamantly claims she is from the magical school of Hogwarts from the “Harry Potter” series and that she is a “wizard” in the viral 2012 clip. The girl, confused after her operation, tells her mother that the dentists put a spell on her and asks her mom to help her seek revenge but only after she pretends to cast spells in the passenger seat with an invisible wand.

'Wisdom Teeth Anesthesia Attack' - 230,000 Views

This video starts off as one of YouTube’s famous Shaytards family daily videos but quickly turns into one viral clip of vlogger Shay Carl’s younger brother Logan's strange reaction to his surgery. The segment starts at the 2:43 mark. Warning: It does contain some blood.

“I went three rounds with Mike Tyson. You should see him,” says the teen, who told doctors he was a “player” and didn’t need a wheelchair because he played football. The teen then goes on to act like a velociraptor and tries to escape from the vehicle.