Tiger Woods Golf star Tiger Woods cursed at a CBS cameraman during the third round of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational Saturday afternoon. Photo: Reuters

Failing to win a major championship for the last eight years and the media hounding you everywhere you go can get on any competitor’s last nerve, and Tiger Woods eventually boiled over during the third round of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational Saturday.

Unfortunately for Woods it was live on national television.

During his round, a CBS cameraman is trailing Woods for a close-up but Woods seems unaware. He then tries to get a practice swing in while he continues to walk, only for the cameraman to get a little too close.

Woods then says in full view of the camera and the boom: “Can you guys give me some f***ing space?”

Woods wound up shooting a 72 on the day to drop 11 spots in a tie for 36 th place at plus-2 for the tournament.

This comes only weeks after the British Open when Woods was caught on video yelling “Jesus Christ!” at photographers, who were snapping pictures while the 38-year-old was in the middle of his backswing.

Woods’s request for space is certainly valid, but not in the way he expressed it. And it doesn't help his short-term goals either. He’s trying to make the Ryder Cup squad while staging a comeback from knee and back injuries, and is still tinkering with his swing.

Video of the incident is below, and be warned there’s one graphic word.