View Systems, Inc., a manufacturer and installer of weapons detection identification systems, video management platforms and tele-data communication networks, announced earlier today that it has been selected to install a ViewScan Concealed Weapons Detection System into an historic courthouse in Pennsylvania.

According to the press release, ViewScan is quickly becoming the preferred screening system across the country. The computer-based system can scan as many as 1,200 people per hour. As a person passes through the portal, a photograph is taken and stored on the laptop computer that comes with the unit. Objects that pose as potential threats are shown on the computer screen and an audible alert can be set to sound.

Gunther Than, CEO of View Systems, stated, “It’s refreshing to know that a Pennsylvania landmark such as this has chosen the ViewScan, a technologically-advanced security screening device to aid in securing the premises. I’m hopeful that other Pennsylvania courts and corrections officials will hear about this install and will decide to look into the possibility of adding a ViewScan to their facilities.”