ViewCast Corp., a developer of solutions for the transformation, management and delivery of digital media over enterprise, broadband and mobile networks, has launched its most recent addition to its Osprey® series of high definition (HD) video capture cards.

The Osprey 710e HD is an advanced video capture card that provides a combination of high-definition serial digital interface (HD/SDI) video and AES digital audio using four built-in AES/EBU inputs.
The design eliminates the need for separate AES-to-SDI embedding equipment and simplifies overall workflow, creating the ability for customers to use one card to deliver digital video and digital audio signals for Webcasting, live streaming, podcasting, mobile TV and Video on Demand (VOD) applications.

“The Osprey 710e HD card affords our professional broadcast customers a powerful new tool to enhance their video with AES/EBU audio capabilities,” ViewCast president and CEO Dave Stoner stated in the press release. “By accommodating digital video and audio processing with one card, we’ve enabled our customers to deliver the highest quality digital media to their audiences faster and more cost effectively.”

ViewCast said the new card is loaded with advanced features that set it apart from competing cards used for ingesting video into video editing systems and other applications, including technology that allows for maximum performance; acceptance of both SD and HD inputs, as well as automatic adaption between signals; and professional broadcaster features such as loss of video detection, and more.

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