One company that is starting to separate itself from their competition is the ViewCast Corporation. Located in Plano, Texas, ViewCast has earned a stellar reputation in the technology sector by producing award-winning solutions that simplify the complex workflows required for Web-based streaming of video content. Today, ViewCast took a major step towards their future with an announcement of the release of their Niagara SCX 6.2.

The Niagara SCX 6.2 is the new “iPhone Live Media Publisher” component which includes proprietary, built-in MPEG-2 Transport Stream file segmenting and HTTP-based adaptive streaming to Apple, iPhone, iPad and iTouch mobile devices. The upload capabilities of the Niagara SCX 6.2 make it a state-of-the-art product that appeals to an array of segments in the marketplace.

The Niagara SCX 6.2 also offers an array of new features which include integrated segmenting, adaptive bit-rate encoding, support for CDN authentication protocols, and built-in AES-128 encryption. Niagara SCX software supports all of the most popular media formats, including Adobe Flash Dynamic Streaming, Windows Media, RealVideo, 3GPP and many others which make it the most interactive product of its kind on the market today.

Leading the way at ViewCast is Dave Stoner who serves as the young company’s President and CEO. Stoner was quoted as saying, “The adaptive and dynamic capabilities that we’ve brought to Niagara SCX 6.2 will markedly improve the live streaming delivery experience for both broadcasters and iPhone users. By eliminating the need for an external stream segmenter, we have also simplified encoding workflows and reduced overall system costs. Adaptive HTTP streaming for Apple iPhone mobile devices is the first of many extended features that we have planned for Niagara SCX v6 software in 2010.”

To learn more about ViewCast or the Niagara SCX 6.2, visit their website at: and you’ll see why people are starting to talk about this up-and-coming company.

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