ViewCast Corp., the Plano, TX-based innovator and industry leader in hardware and software solutions for manipulating, managing and distributing professional-quality video and other digital media over IP and mobile networks, debuted the new ViewCast Media Platform (VMp™) today.

Designed from the ground up as an intuitive and full-spectrum unified environment for dealing with high-end digital media requirements seamlessly and throughout the lifecycle of the data, the VMp handles streaming and on-demand video, live video publishing, and complete control over managing digital assets with ease.

VMp functionality is based on a set of core technologies, including capture, modification, indexing, workflow and output distribution, which were acquired along with Ancept back in 09.

President and CEO of VCST, Dave Stoner, emphasized the strength of the VMp for leveraging the power and inherent value of digital media so it can be applied to every aspect of operations, from attracting business to developing more rapidly/effectively.

Stoner also made it clear that this power and value was available to companies in every market sector, but especially sectors like media & entertainment, education, finance, government and the like, where the capacity to harness digital media via a platform like the VMp produces multiple simultaneous organic advantages.

Stoner spoke of the power of digital media for “transforming the way we communicate, educate, persuade and entertain” and everything accordant thereto, and he championed the unique and all-inclusive design of the VMp, hailing it as the “first unified solution to address the many cross-functional objectives that exist in today’s enterprise”.

The combination of VCST’s industry-leading Osprey and Niagara IP video encoding capabilities with the VMp produces even better results; collectively this represents “the most comprehensive solution available for driving value with digital media in today’s IP-centric digital media marketplace”, according to Stoner.

The VMp’s modular architecture is robust enough to handle the most complex and mission-critical of workflows, while flexible enough to be suitable for simple, isolated solution sets:

• VMp Portal: Enterprise-wide collection, management and sharing; YouTube skinned interface which seamlessly integrates and provides extended functionality with YouTube; publishing and content syndication with external systems and corporate site.

• VMp Live: Scheduling, content capture, network-wide video delivery; multiple encoder command with efficient/centralized task automation; pre-defined custom scheduling to activate manual or automatic functionality

• VMp Production: Collaboration, production process automation features; workflow and process refinement capabilities which translate into reduced production costs; all-encompassing format/content type environment which can use just about anything from Microsoft® Office to Adobe® Acrobat PDF alongside video and audio data from other sources.

VCST will show this and many other awesome new products and technologies at the 2010 NAB Show in Vegas this April 12-15.