ViewCast Cor.p, long hailed by the ‘video over IP and mobile network’ sector as a leader in developing innovative software/hardware solutions for handling professional quality data, was pleased to announce today that their high-def streaming media unit, the Niagara® 7500, was selected as a core appliance in The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas’ newly redesigned ‘The Joint’ rock concert venue.

As one of the world’s premier travel destinations, The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas offer visitors a unique and sumptuous banquet of entertainment and gaming, with all of the finest services and amenities that would be typically associated with a luxury resort – molded stylistically around the rock music genre and its massive fan base.

Subsequently The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is no stranger to today’s hottest live performances including such recent acts as David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Carlos Santana, and The Killers.

When asked to select the best-of-the-best when it comes to streaming high-def video for The Joint’s AV systems, The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas’ digital signage vendor, Core Technology Incorporated and its engineers, answered with ViewCast – selecting the then newly released Niagara® 7500 in what seemed an act of kismet.

And the Fates were wise, because the Niagara® 7500 seems to be money well spent, representing the crown jewel of the $750M total retooling, of which The Joint is a part. And to Jeff Guyot, Core Technology’s Director of Network Engineering, the selection of the Niagara® 7500 was a natural choice emboldened by previous positive experiences with “the ViewCast Osprey video capture cards”.

Guyot stated emphatically that he was certain the “continuous, uninterrupted, exceptional quality video streaming” offered by the Niagara® 7500 would be something they could rely on to live up to the “unmatched in the industry” reputation for quality that VCST has so expertly cultivated.

The development team responsible for overseeing The Joint echoed Core Technology’s sentiments wholeheartedly about the HD video streaming capabilities of the system, and The Joint’s Chief Video Engineer, Sean Filstrup, remarked that “The Niagara 7500 is an exceptional product, and has exceeded our expectations.”

The Joint’s state-of-the-art audio system, undergirded by the superior video capabilities enabled by the Niagara® 7500, offer unparalleled stage production parameters, easily making The Joint the most authentic and yet advanced venue in Las Vegas.

President and CEO of VCST, Dave Stoner, suggested that the “digital capture and streaming of live events” would soon become a major segment of choices for entertainment, and he pointed out that venues around the world seeking to capitalize on streamed events would find the perfect solution in systems like the ViewCast Niagara® 7500.