ViewCast Corp., contemporary masters of streaming digital content solutions which are able to boast a whopping 350,000 video capture card (VCC) global hardware footprint – consisting of the Company’s flagship ViewCast Niagara® platform, Osprey® VCC’s, and Niagara SCX® software for management and encoding – today announced it would debut new tech at Booth SL1709 during the upcoming April 10-15 NAB Show in Vegas.

Long known as a sector powerhouse in distributed digital media solutions, VCST looks to unveil 3 major new products alongside demos of the Niagara 7500 and Niagara 2120 streaming media encoders to the eagerly awaiting venue goers:

• ViewCast Media Platform (VMp™) is a lifecycle-based digital content management framework, designed to handle every part of the content workflow, from capture to delivery, all in a unified environment that seamlessly supports direct-to-web publishing, streaming of live video, video-on-demand (VOD) and robust asset management.

• VCST’s established Niagara SCX® streaming media management software goes version 6.2, now offering powerful Apple iPhone leveraging capacity via HTTP-based adaptive streaming, and features like integrated segmenting, adaptive bit-rate encoding, CDN authentication protocol support, and built-in AES-128 encryption. The Niagara software environment presents an open canvas across all of its supported streaming codecs, offering users unprecedented range of fluidity when it comes to reaching their target audience, be the methodology Adobe Flash H.264, Windows Media®, Silverlight®, RealVideo®, 3GPP or other leading formats.

• Also on display at the VCST booth will be the new automating software for live or on-demand encoding and streaming called SchedulStream. SchedulStream is designed as an intuitive workflow optimizing platform, with templates from webcasting, VOD, and eLearning, the software is a flexible means to automate timed content distribution via remote administration, capable of encoding multiple formats and channels simultaneously.

President and CEO of VCST, Dave Stoner, commented on the “breathtaking” pace of technology advancement at the Company, and hailed the NAB Show as a great opportunity to show all industries large and small the power of VCST’s products when it comes to harnessing the value of their digital media infrastructure.