ViewCast Corporation, – widely known as a sector leader, with command of the hardware and software to bring robust, high-quality video and digital media solutions to every level of connected intelligent devices from enterprise to broadband and mobile networks, revealed today that major hosted streaming media provider for government agencies, Swagit Productions, LLC, has selected the ViewCast Osprey® video capture cards and SimulStream® software to support the architecture of their streaming media services portfolio.

President and CEO of VCST, Dave Stoner, cited the widespread initiative across all levels of government to transform the structure and “decision-making processes that shape public policy” in ways that fundamentally upgrade visibility to the citizenry.

Stoner envisions live and on-demand coverage of government proceedings, which are universally accessible via any networkable device over the Internet, as a driving force helping to shape an emerging virtual democracy, and cited the ideal strategic market position available to ViewCast and Swagit as they stand poised to capitalize on infrastructural upgrades into the digital age.

Sophisticated VCST technology powering the heart of Swagit’s digital infrastructure will pump top-quality streaming media out fluidly and connect government agencies directly to the citizens, increasing the reaction rate and response time, as well as increasing overall civic participation while reducing overhead and requiring no new staff or responsibilities.

President of Swagit, Bryan R. Halley, noted the way his company’s clients in the government sector have come to rely on Swagit to provide cost-effective streaming media capabilities which promote accessibility, accountability and ultimately transparency.

Halley took extra time to detail the superiority of the sophisticated VCST solutions, which he characterized as an elegant and feature-rich platform upon which to “build the digital infrastructure for Democracy 2.0”.

VCST-powered Swagit services are indexed and time-stamped by meeting agenda in order to enable an easily searchable/queryable database structure. Some of the latest municipalities to utilize the VCST-powered Swagit service to provide live or on-demand streaming of municipal channel programming and city council meetings include:

• Galveston and Southlake, Texas
• White Plains, New York
• Wilmington, Delaware

Swagit’s choice of the Osprey to underpin its custom-streaming server architecture validates a seamless PCI Express® pipeline for high-speed data throughput at peerless quality.

Professional-grade capture quality and reliability in an easily integrated low-profile design make the Osprey, with its full suite of bitmap overlay, closed-caption extraction, hardware audio gain control and hardware cropping features, a perfect fit for Swagit’s custom servers.

Swagit is also utilizing the powerful SimulStream technology which supercharges a single Osprey card with the ability to stream content out over all possible formats simultaneously, enabling a user-state-driven system that dynamically feeds the user whatever their playback environment will optimally support.

By leveraging all of the different format technologies from Silverlight™, Windows Media™, VC-1, H.264 and Flash™, to 3GPP mobile and beyond, SimulStream provides an unmatched interoperability framework where content is saved for post-production/processing and other uses.