Viking Systems has been developing advanced 2D/3D imaging and visualization system solutions for performing a variety of surgical procedures, achieving some real process breakthroughs in medicine by making surgery minimally invasive and remarkably easy despite the technical complexity. The Company has taken a huge leap forward in this direction today with the announcement of successful surgical procedures incorporating VKNG’s 3DHD Vision System and the novel Kymerax™ Precision Drive Articulating Surgical System from Terumo Medical Corp.

The first ever nephrectomy and partial nephrectomy (kidney removal) were performed two days ago by Medical University Salzburg, Department of Urology Professor Gunter Janetschek, representing a perfect opportunity to showcase both technologies and the patients are reportedly doing very well after their completely successful operations.

The marriage of such articulating surgical systems as the Kymerax, with VKNG’s exceptional 3DHD package, results in an operating procedure that constitutes the pinnacle of progress in minimally invasive procedures. This was the perfect field test for the combined technology, which was originally presented at the recent European Association of Urology Congress in Vienna and it is quite clear that the enabling power of real-time 3D visualization is the key to maximizing potential of precision articulating surgical rigs like the Kymerax.

Professor Janetschek reflected on the experience as opening up new possibilities for the future of minimally invasive surgery and explained that the combined technology will afford patients reductions in trauma, increased recovery/operation success and even lower associated costs on both the doctor and patient sides of the equation. Janetschek extolled the power of this solution as a dramatically more cost effective and indeed, intuitive answer to the high cost of medical robotics and similar technologies which remain out of reach of the average health care consumer.

The Company was also pleased to announce that the relationship with Terumo has expanded somewhat and that Terumo has now requested 3DHD Vision Systems for the booths they intend to display at the upcoming Challenges in Laparoscopy Meeting in Leipzig this June 9-11. Similarly, Terumo will be showing the combined solution at the British Association of Urological Surgeons in Liverpool from June 20-23 and expects a very bright future for the relationship between the two companies, as buzz surrounding the tech-combo will no doubt be amplified as attendees at both venues react to the incredible power of the solution.

President and CEO of VKNG, Jed Kennedy, couldn’t be more pleased with the news, which follows fast on the heels of the Company’s recent reporting of exceptional Q1 sales that were up 63% over the same quarter last year. Kennedy anticipated that the combined 3D visualization/articulating instrumentation solution would bowl industry professionals over at the upcoming conferences/shows slated by Terumo, confident that everyone will quickly realize the solution is a high-water mark for cost-effective, complex minimally invasive surgery.

Kennedy underscored how this example illustrates the Company’s partner strategy and characterized the excitement at VKNG over bringing this solution to market ahead of expectations as being emboldened by the outstanding success of the first two surgeries.