The “Vikings” roar back with a brand new episode Thursday night. And from the looks of episode 4’s promo, we can tell that “Eye For An Eye” will be drenched in drama when Ragnar learns what has happened to his beloved Kattegat.

Before we dive into what fans of the History Channel series should expect during the new episode, let us give you some background information on what has occurred since we last saw our Vikings. Currently Ragnar, Horik and their men are raiding the West, specifically Wessex, taking gold and slaying anyone who gets in their way—including a religious village that Athelstan had pointed them in the direction of.

As the Vikings play with their stolen treasures, Ragnar opens up to Horik that the greatest wealth of Wessex is in the ground: soil.

“Compared to the poor countries where it is hard to farm, hard to live. Here, it is easy. Here we could feed everybody. There would be no hungry,” he said.

While Ragnar dreams up the possibilities the land could bring, King Ecbert is plotting how to rid his land of the “ruffians.” He patiently watches his kingdom get overrun, carefully plotting his attack against the Vikings.

And he’s not the only one who has it out for the “pagans.” Jarl Borg, who was uninvited to the raid, is pretty bitter about getting left out. Although Ragnar explained it wasn’t his doing, Borg still feels the blond Viking is responsible for “insulting” him and his people.

“I have to do something about this insult. I blame King Horik but I think about Ragnar’s land. He’s abandoned them -- left his wife [with] his drunken brother. I declare today that I will seek vengeance. By all our gods I swear I will seize all his land,” Borg confessed, adding that he was determined to kill Rollo with an ax.

Episode 3 ends with Borg killing many of Kattegat’s women, children and elderly who attempt to protect their land. And where was Rollo during all of this? Well, he’s the one who put a weapon in the hand of anyone who could hold one. But eventually, Ragnar’s brother fled the fight to protect Ragnar’s sons, allowing Borg to seize control. Currently, Rollo, Sigy, Aslaug and her sons are hiding in the mountains, waiting for Ragnar to come home and help them.

That brings us to episode 4. In the promo for “An Eye For An Eye” we see Ragnar finding out that his village has been taken over by the scorned Borg.

“Your lands are lost. Invaded by Jarl Borg. Your family has fled,” Ragnar is told. Immediately, Ragnar tells his men to prepare the ships.

“We’re leaving. I must find my family,” he said.

Prior to leaving Wessex, we can see Ragnar and King Ecbert cozying up to one another in his bath.

“I am an ambitious man,” King Ecbert said. “I have great plans. And you could help me to fulfill them.”

The two leaders have been compared in the past. If they team up, could they become to ultimate fighting force? Possibly. But we doubt Ecbert would ever want to share the spotlight with a pagan. This could be one of his tricks. In fact, we’re sure of it. You might want to get out of the Jacuzzi and dry off, Ragnar!

So, can fans expect a huge fight scene between Ragnar and Borg? Looks like it.

“Ragnar’s vanity will kill him,” the revenge-seeking Viking said. “No, I will kill him.”

Will you be watching the new episode of “Vikings” on Thursday? Let us know your predictions for “An Eye For An Eye” in the comments section below.