Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for! That’s right, we’re talking about the Season 2 finale of our favorite History Channel series “Vikings.” Eek! We’re getting chills just thinking of all the drama that will be going down tonight:

- King Horik wants Ragnar and his sons dead.

- Siggy is asked to murder Princess Aslaug’s children.

- Floki will have to choose between Ragnar and King Horik.

- And, of course, the Gods are coming! Or at least, that’s what Ragnar’s wife told us.

That’s a lot to wrap our heads around, which is why we decided to break down each plot point of episode 10, “The Lord’s Prayer,” for fans before the Season 2 finale airs (Thursday, May 1 at 10 p.m. EDT). Are you ready to theorize?

First, let’s talk about the Gods. In the promo we can see Princess Aslaug and Lagertha standing on a cliff, looking out into the ocean.

“The Gods are coming,” Aslaug says calmly.

“I know,” Lagertha responds.

Are the Gods really coming? We happen to think otherwise. Especially after the open ended question “Vikings” left for us on the Facebook page.

“Who sailed in and left the people of Kattegat captivated?” the History Channel series asked, urging fans to leave their guesses. While some said King Ecbert would return and others guessed Princess Kwenthrith, we dared to think a little bigger.

Vikings Season 2 Spoilers Who will be sailing to Kattegat tonight during the Season 2 finale of "Vikings"? Photo: Vikings

See, not too long ago the Seer told Ragnar that his son, Bjorn, would marry a princess or sail around a tide-less sea. Could whoever is coming to Kattegat help Bjorn fulfill his fate? Some fans have even predicted that the person who arrives is a king and father of Porrun—making her a princess! Others have hinted that Bjorn will be married off to Princess Kwenthrith, leaving Porrun behind.

And while we love romance-drama, we think we have bigger fish to fry seeing that Ragnar and his son’s lives are on the line. King Horik is determined to have the Earl’s head on a platter and it looks like Siggy will be the angry king’s sous chef. Siggy reveals that Ragnar’s weakness is his family, which is when King Horik orders the slithering traitor to kill the Earl’s sons. But will Siggy? She’s never gotten her hands dirty before and we doubt she’d start now. Especially because Siggy knows what it’s like to lose a child. In fact, she lost two in a brutal murder after her boys were beheaded and placed in a shallow grave as disrespect towards the late Earl Haraldson. So, do you really think she has what it takes to kill innocent children? Even though Siggy told Princess Aslaug to kill off Ivar the Boneless, tattled on Ragnar multiple times, cheated on Rollo and betrayed Lagertha, we don’t think she would murder Ragnar’s children.

That brings us to our next point: Who will try and kill Ragnar? In the trailer for the Season 2 finale we saw King Horik ask both Floki and his son to kill the Earl. And we think we know who’s going to back out. Something weird between Ragnar and Floki is going on. Since King Horik stepped into the picture it looks like Floki has been drifting away from his friend to follow in the King’s footsteps. But how close are Floki and King Horik really? Fans are predicting that Floki, whose name ironically sounds like the trickster God Loki, is merely duping King Horik into thinking that his bromance with Ragnar is over when really he’s feeding his bestie all the information King Horik has given him—like wanting to kill his sons.

Not to mention, every clip we see of Floki he’s being portrayed as the bad guy. Take him shoving the mushrooms down Rollo’s throat for instance. Initially, it looks as if the plants could be poisonous and Floki is attempting to get revenge. But when taking a second look, we wonder why Floki told Siggy to go to bed. Is he putting Rollo in a daze so that he can kill the rat who has been giving King Horik all his information?

What are your predictions for how the Season 2 finale will end? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories. We’d love to hear them! And don’t forget to tune into “Vikings” Thursday, May 1 at 10 p.m. to catch the final episode, “The Lord’s Prayer.”