You may want to sharpen your swords, “Vikings” fans, because we heard tonight’s episode, “Blood Eagle,” is going to be particularly gory. Seriously, you wouldn’t want to get caught without a weapon in episode 7, because it looks like everyone is out for blood.

Ragnar wants to see Jarl Borg’s rib cage split open (hence the eagle image), King Horik is eager to decapitate King Ecbert and King Aelle has patiently been plotting the death of Ragnar since Season 1. It’s a triangle of pure chaos, one we wouldn’t ever want to be in the middle of.

But despite all the blood that’s rumored to be shed in the “most shocking moment of TV” history, it looks like our favorite bearded Viking will also find time in his busy schedule of slaying soldiers to flirt a bit — with Lagertha!

After the gruesome death of Sigvard, Lagertha decided to ride into Kattegat on her big white horse in hopes of acting as an ally for her ex-husband.

Ragnar is currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. He wants to kill the man who threatened his family, but he also wants to help King Horik raid Wessex once again. With Lagertha’s proposal of an alliance, it looks like Ragnar can have his cake and eat it, too.

“So you are truly an earl?” Ragnar asks Lagertha, a bit skeptical. We all remember how Lagertha received that title, right? After receiving a brutal beating from the command of her husband, Lagertha sought out justice by sticking a knife straight through Sigvard’s eye. Talk about an eye for and eye.

“Yes, we are equal,” she replied with poise. “I’m sure this is difficult for you.”

“It is not difficult at all,” Ragnar said smiling. “How many ships?”

“Four ships. Over a hundred warriors. So will you accept me as an ally?” she asked.

“I have been betrayed by earls before. So if you are really an earl, no. But if you’re still the Lagertha I remember, then it is a yes,” he said.

Do you think Ragnar and Lagertha will get back together? Sorry, Princess Aslaug, but we kind of have our fingers crossed for these lovestruck warriors!