Leading Software as a Service provider, VillageEDOCS, Inc., announced that the company continues to receive encouraging feedback from clients and partners on their MessageVision Platform. The MVP combines electronic information exchange, content and business process management and unified communications for delivery as one unique SaaS in a private or public cloud.

Over the last month, VillageEDOCS has achieved significant accomplishments in working on its various projects. With the sale of its Tailored Business Systems unit, the company paid off $927,000 of debt, allowing it to shift its focus on its core business strategy, MVP. Additionally, the GoSolo-MessageVision and the Questys-MessageVision product lines have and are preparing to launch free conference call features and new content management solutions, respectively.

Finally, Barron Partners, one of the leading investors, divested its holdings and Mr. Alan Williams, an early investor, acquired VillageEDOCS, whose CEO, Mason Conner, commented: “Barron Partners was an early investor in the company and our vision, and has helped get us successfully to this point of our evolution. We wish them well while they continue their worldwide investment strategy.”