Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale) is at a major crossroads in his life on HBO's "Vinyl." After witnessing a murder and learning that the music label he created has been sold in the show's premiere episode, Richie may have found a new path to follow. The label president is expected to reveal his new plan in episode 2, titled "Yesterday Once More."

According to the synopsis, Richie will share his "revelation" in a meeting with the Germans from Polygram, which is going to leave everyone in the room "surprised." In the premiere, Richie relapsed on cocaine and found himself at a New York Dolls concert. The atmosphere of the show and surviving the collapse of the building has given him a new outlook, which will likely inspire him to keep his label.

In the promo video for episode 2, Richie is shown talking to his business partners Zak Yankovich (Ray Romano), Skip Fontaine (J.C. MacKenzie) and Scott Levitt (P.J. Byrne). Zak gets into a disagreement with Richie and Richie throws a punch at Zak. Richie wants a new band or artist that the company can sell and gives all the employees two weeks to find one.

Richie returning to drugs and alcohol may have reopened his drive in his career, but it appears as though it could start to tear apart his family life. His wife, Devon (Olivia Wilde), was disgusted with him and in episode 2 she will reflect on their "better days."

Meanwhile, Jamie (Juno Temple) has stumbled onto the Nasty Bits and thinks they could be the next best thing. However, she believes they won't be great unless lead singer Kip Stevens (James Jagger) and the band get better. She'll learn that Richie likes the band, but she won't be thrilled when she has to team up with the head of A&R, Julie Silver (Max Casella), to get the band to sign with American Century Records.

At the end of the promo video, a detective shows up at Richie's home to question him. The detective is likely there because of the discovery of the body of Frank “Buck” Rogers (Andrew Dice Clay), which Richie and Joe Corso (Bo Dietl) tried to hide after Joe killed him. Will Richie come clean about what he saw Joe do?

Watch the episode 2 promo video below:

"Vinyl" episode 2 airs Sunday, Feb. 21 on HBO at 9 p.m. EST.