VioSolar Inc. is an alternative energy company, with activities in the Solar Energy sector. Headquartered in Athens, Greece, the company’s business plan includes the construction, management, and operation of Solar Parks in Greece as well as other South and South Eastern European Union countries. VioSolar’s corporate mission is to make renewable energy, and specifically solar energy, commercially viable.

VioSolar Inc. plans to take advantage of the incentives in the renewable energy sector offered by different European countries. The company’s operations involve large-scale investments in Grid-connected Photovoltaic Parks and in innovative Photovoltaic (PV) Technologies in South and Southeast Europe. They are also working to pursue innovative technology in the research and development of new, more cost and energy efficient solar panels. The Company consists of two distinct entities. These are VioSolar Inc. and VioSolar Parks, which develops Solar Energy Parks. The Company has already secured suitable locations to build photovoltaic parks of 20MW total installed capacity.

VioSolar Research & Development Lab complements VioSolar Inc.’s manufacturing plant. The R&D Lab continues researching, developing, and improving photovoltaic and other renewable energy technologies. VioSolar Inc has strategic partnerships with premier construction companies in Greece and in other South and Southeast EU countries. They seek business relationships with these enterprises to integrate their portfolio of products in these enterprises’ construction projects.