Viper Motorcycle Company, a subsidiary of Viper Powersports Inc., and Ilmor Engineering Inc. today announced that they have executed the manufacturing agreement outlined in the letter of intent dated October 6, 2009. Viper Motorcycle and Ilmor will partner on the manufacture of an Ilmor designed and developed Viper Motorcycle 152 cubic inch V-twin engine.

Partnering with Ilmor looks like a smart choice. Ilmor Engineering is one of the most successful race-engine design manufacturing firms in the world. The company is best known for its expertise and success in the highest levels of automobile racing. Ilmor has over 200 Indy Car wins to its credit including winning the prestigious Indy 500 no less than 15 times.

Manufacturing parts for the new engine has already begun. The Ilmor version of the Viper polished billet engine will be manufactured and assembled by Ilmor and will be co-branded with the famous racing company’s name. Viper Motorcycles and Ilmor will also provide cross-marketing support to promote the relationship.

The parent company, Viper Powersports, anticipates a public launch of this exciting new product in May 2010. Viper Powersports designs, manufactures and markets a line of premium American V-Twin Super Cruiser motorcycles, V-Twin aftermarket engines and other aftermarket products through an independent dealer network.

The CEO of Viper Powersports remarked, “The Ilmor-Viper joint venture allows Viper to increase production and take its rightful place as a premiere American original equipment manufacturer of high performance cruiser motorcycles. The resulting product from this joint venture has no equal in the marketplace.”