Jerry Terrell Jackson was executed by lethal injection Thursday after failed attempts to overturn his death sentence to life in prison without parole.

Jackson, 30, was pronounced dead at 9:14 p.m., according to officials, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. He was executed at the Greensville Correctional Center, which is south of Richmond.

Tonight, the death sentence of Jerry Jackson was carried out by the Commonwealth of Virginia for the brutal rape and murder of Ruth Phillips, Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said in a statement.

Larry Traylor, spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Corrections, said there were no complications and that Jackson spent his last day with family members, the RTD reported. Traylor also said that Jackson met with his spiritual advisor and his attorneys, Reuters reported.

He did not have any last words and asked that his last meal request be kept private, Reuters reported.

Jackson was convicted in 2002 of murdering and raping Phillips the previous year.

He had told police that he did not know Phillips was home when he broke into her house, but his fingerprint on a wallet next to her bed and DNA from hair implicated Jackson.

It was later learned that Phillips confronted Jackson when she saw him. She told him to take what he wanted and leave, but he smothered her with a pillow and raped her at the same time. He also stole $60 and her car.