Virginia shooting victim Alison Parker's father, Andy Parker, vowed that he will fight for tighter gun control laws during an appearance on Fox News Wednesday evening, just hours after Parker, a reporter, and cameraman Adam Ward were shot to death while on air

"It's my life's mission," Andy Parker said during "The Kelly File" appearance. "Mark my words."

Alison Parker, 24, and Ward, 27, were filming an interview for station WDBJ when they were fatally shot by Vester L. Flanagan, a former colleague at the news station. Flanagan had reportedly been told by the station to seek medical help after he repeatedly lost his temper with colleagues.

Standing in front of yellow-taped crime scene, Andy Parker told Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that he had already been in contact Wednesday with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe about his plans to push for background checks and gun control reform. He said that the governor had expressed his support and told him, "I'm right there with you."

"We need to do something about crazy people getting guns," Parker said.

Parker also pressed Kelly to continue to cover the shooting, even though the news industry may not stay on the story next week. "Don't let this go," Parker said. "Don't let this slide."

He appeared alongside his daughter's boyfriend Chris Hurst, an anchor at the station, who said that he was not surprised to learn that the shooter was Flanagan. He said the gunman was known for his volatility and had only briefly known Parker when she was an intern at the station.

 Parker told Kelly that he will dedicate his life to pushing for gun control reform.

"This is not the last that you've heard of me," Parker said. "This is Alison's legacy."