VirTra Systems, Inc. announced today that they have received repeat business from the Institute of Technology, Modesto campus, through an order for delivery of second firearm simulator. The Institute of Technology, which has four campuses in California, is a premier career-focused college that provides a comprehensive educational experience in a variety of growing areas of employment.

In April of this year, the Institute placed their first order for VirTra Systems to supply and install a use-of-force simulator at the Institute’s Clovis campus. The Institute of Technology is developing a state-of-the-art training facilities that are highlighted by the virtual reality training simulators being supplied by VirTra.

The most recent order is for the IVR-300 system, which is a cutting-edge, 300 degree, five-screen simulator that includes high definition video and features a series of transducers to create realistic bass sounds to surround the trainee with the look, feel and sounds of a real-life event. The order also consists of recoil kits, multiple tetherless firearm recoil kits, firearm refill and recharge stations and many other advanced options for optimal training including return fire simulation (Threat-Fire™) devices. Threat-Fire is a patent-pending device that safely simulates the pain of hostile return fire with a 300 millisecond electric stun that can be adjusted to 2.5 seconds.

The Institute provides small classes to assure students receive intensive training with the simulators and close interaction with the instructors. “The more realistic these scenarios are, the more effective they will be,” said Lillian Enger, President of the Institute of Technology’s Modesto campus. “We’re committed to providing our students the most realistic career experiences possible. This simulator is the absolute best we can do to ready our students for what will be their greatest challenge in law enforcement.”

Don Andrus, President of VirTra Systems commented, “Being selected to provide state-of-the-art equipment to the Institute of Technology is not only an honor, but is also indicative of the fact that VirTra is well ahead of the pack when it comes to both technology and vision,” Mr. Andrus continued, “This type of recognition is what drives this company to get better every day.”

VirTra has posted seven consecutive record breaking quarters and is starting strong in 2010 with not only the two orders from the Institute of Technology in the last 30 days, but also orders from agencies in Illinois, North Carolina, and Washington for simulators and accessories from the IVR series.