Today, VirtualHealth Technologies, Inc., provider of electronic health records security technology, announced that its subsidiary, Secure eHealth, has entered into an agreement with a subsidiary of Wound Management Technologies Inc, Wound Care Innovations, LLC. The agreement allows Wound Care the use of Secure eHealth’s Cifra secure healthcare platform. WCI will use the highly secure messaging system to work with its CellerateRx® products.

Wound Care Innovations will initially focus on using the Cifra platform to exchange secure messages, to transport files with the secure document courier and to store related documents. In the second phase, the Secure eHealth System Tray Notifier technology will be added to send secure notification alerts to enrolled users. The companies plan to offer the integrated system to Wound Care Innovations’ vendors, partners and health care community associates.

Jim Renfro, President of VirtualHealth Technologies, commented, “We are excited to have Wound Care Innovations license our security platform for their physician community. With Cifra the physicians will be able to securely exchange and compile case studies on their wound care products. They will also be able create a secure collaborative community for their physicians and wound care specialists to discuss difficult and unusual wound cases.”

Renfro continued, “With Cifra, we have established two new activities that will create revenue for VirtualHealth. We will maintain a secure database for clients like wound care, where each user will pay a flat monthly subscription fee of $6.95 per month that will enable them to store all their information in our electronic security vault. In addition, there will be a separate Cellerate user database that will allow all current WCI clients, including doctors and patients who are using Cellerate or related company products, to communicate securely at no additional cost. Any doctor can sign up for just $6.95 per month.”

Cathy Bradshaw, president of Wound Care Innovations, said, “Wound Care Innovations is pleased to be the first to license the Cifra technology from VirtualHealth Technologies. This puts us on the leading edge of secure communications with our physicians and wound care specialists. Cifra will add a new dimension of communications for our important diabetic ulcer and other evidence based studies. We fully expect that the results of our studies will help us to increase our market share in the U.S. and generate sales internationally. Adding the extra value of Cifra communications also gives our physicians and wound care specialists added layers of security for their case files and for our studies.”