eDoorways Corp. has grown almost overnight from an intriguing idea about a better way to connect consumers and vendors, to a rapidly expanding Web presence that redefines how to view the Internet. That’s because it addresses a basic need that search engines and other web-based tools do not, the need for information that is personalized, immediate, objective, and leads directly to a workable solution. The company’s first “doorway”, called SOLVE, is a prime example of this.

Almost everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to use the Internet to solve even the most basic consumer problems. For example, suppose your home computer is getting sluggish. Do you need a new one or is it a virus that you might be able to remove? Do you take it to a computer repair shop or can you do something for it yourself? What computer repair shop is best if you want to repair it? What stores are offering the best deals if you want to buy a new computer?

A search engine will split up a collection of stores that deal with computers, with no easy way to tell one from the other, along with a mile long list of other web sites that may or may not be of any value to you. Everything else is up to you, meaning you’ll probably spend much of the day trolling websites, calling stores, and otherwise trying to get an intelligent and objective answer to your questions. And, of course, the problem is magnified if the resources involved are national or global in scope instead of just local. Your other option is to try and identify any specialty sites that may be focused on your particular area of need, in which case you can spend the rest of the day doing that, with no guarantee that they will give you what you are after.

eDoorways approaches the problem differently, using social networking plus advanced search capabilities to help you get the answers you are looking for quickly and easily. By entering “Power Keys”, the eDoorways version of search engine keywords, you are instantly linked with independent experts that can give you objective advice, along with vendors who deal directly in that field. You are free to chat with the experts or the vendors, and can even get competing bids from vendors if a vendor is needed. To a consumer, it’s a way to get quick and personalized answers unavailable anywhere else. To a vendor, it represents an opportunity to present services and products to a highly targeted and motivated audience, an opportunity that vendors are willing to pay for.

But the real future of eDoorways goes well beyond all of this, and represents a new way of using the capabilities of the Internet. By focusing on people, and not just information, eDoorways has opened up a world of possibilities. They are already developing a LEARN doorway, allowing anyone on the planet to collaborate, create, and market personalized courses based upon their own expertise. And there are many other doorways to come, in addition to mobile capabilities so that communication is available in the field when and where it is most needed.

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