One company that is on the rise is the Vision Industries Corporation. Located in Los Angeles, California, Vision is a developer of zero emission electric/hybrid powered vehicles and turnkey hydrogen fueling systems. Today, Vision took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement that two of their products have obtained a U.S. Department of Energy Listing.

Vision’s Tyrano is a zero emission Class 8 electric hybrid 80,000 lb GVWR truck that is designed for local and regional drayage. The Tyrano has broken new ground because it is the world’s first street legal, zero emission, electric/hydrogen truck.

Along with the Tyrano is the Zero Emission Terminal Tractor (ZETT). The ZETT is a zero emission, electric/hydrogen hybrid, 130,000 LB. GVWR terminal tractor. Vision has joined forces with Capacity of Texas to jointly develop the ZETT. Capacity of Texas brings a great deal of credibility to Vision because they are the largest manufacturers of terminal tractors in the U.S.

Leading the way at Vision is Martin Schuermann who serves as the company’s President and CEO. Schuermann was quoted as saying, “A very large segment of our potential market does not even know that commercially viable, zero emission, heavy duty transport solutions are available in today’s marketplace. Listing with the U.S. Department of Energy not only validates our hybrid technology, but can bring much greater awareness of our products to the U.S. truck buyers. We continue to build relationships and market our vehicles to fleet operators all of which should make for an exciting 2010.”

Currently, Vision is trading in the $0.25 range. To learn more about the Tyrano, the ZETT or about the company as a whole, visit Vision’s website at: and you’ll see why so many people are talking about this up-and-coming company.