Visual Healthcare Corp. designs, creates, and develops innovative information platforms. They specifically conceive these platforms for the automation of a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. These include pharmaceutical research, clinical trials, laboratory automation, true quality assurance tools, total quality control applications, and quantitative analytic tools. Operating since 1998, Visual Healthcare Corp. has their corporate headquarters in Reno, Nevada, and the Company’s shares trade on the OTC Pink Sheets.

Visual Healthcare Corp. owns an extensive portfolio of proprietary technologies used in the fields of medicine, hospital management, data security, and healthcare infrastructure. The Company licenses their technology to operating companies in exchange for an equity stake or royalty stream. In addition, they own a substantial stake in medical software company VisualMED Clinical Solutions Corp. VisualMED is a leader in the field of electronic health records.

The Company’s broad portfolio of proprietary technologies is the result of a unique collaboration between senior clinicians from the McGill University Faculty of Medicine and affiliated tertiary care centers, medical software architects, and a Fortune 100 healthcare service company, investing approximately $50 million in the process. Visual Healthcare Corp.’s core enabling platform supports a vast array of medical and pharmaceutical applications. Some are particularly suited to helping automate the delivery of medical attention at point of care in diverse settings – from ambulatory to tertiary care.

The Company powers smart HER applications and Clinical Information Systems (CIS), built to conform to the way doctors and nurses provide and document patient care. Their platform is one of the few to have undergone design and maintenance by practicing medical staff from a world leading medical school. It has a particularly strong focus on professional workflow management for medical facilities and pharmacy settings. The state-of-the art and object-oriented design as well as table-driven programming allows for cost-effective development that can quickly respond to advances in medicine and surgery and informatics.

Yesterday, Visual Healthcare Corp. announced that they are breaking new grounds in providing the pharmaceutical industry with highly flexible and secure tools for gathering clinical data from multiple sources worldwide for research purposes. They have combined their smart inference engine with clinical-specific capture tools to gather physicians’ data concerning patients registered in clinical research cohorts. Moreover, these tools have special analytics that make it extremely time-effective for physicians to qualify patients for participating in such research.

Gerard Dab, Chairman and CEO, said, “Most physicians find it difficult to go through 10,000 files in order to find qualified patients, and often miss this important revenue source. By storing patient data on one of our smart platforms, a physician will be able to establish a complete list in less than a day, which will make a positive contribution to his bottom line.”