Visual Management Systems, Inc., provider of video surveillance solutions to small and mid-size enterprises domestically and abroad, announced yesterday that an institutional investor has helped the company enter into a banking relationship with Blackhawk Partners and Trilogy Capital.

“Blackhawk and Trilogy have been retained to assist in several capacities, but two in particular. First, they bring tremendous consulting experience as we shift the focus of our business plan away from systems integration and towards product development and OEM distribution. Second, to help capitalize the new plan through their exhaustive networks,” stated Jason Gonzalez, CEO of Visual Management Systems.

Gonzalez added, “Mr. Abdelnour and Ms. D’Amato have a uniquely zealous approach to deal-making. They bring exactly the type of leadership a banking team requires to close deals in this environment. They have exciting ideas about growth and expansion both organically and through acquisition. Mr. Abdelnour holds a place among the most influential bankers on Wall Street and we’re especially pleased to work with him. VMS is very grateful to Gilder Funding Corporation for making this relationship possible.”

Ziad Abdelnour, CEO of Blackhawk Partners in New York, said, “While the world says that every private equity firm out there is a troubled company, we believe that’s complete nonsense. Unlike most companies in the financial services industry, we are genuine and patient long-term investors. We hold investments until markets are high and liquid, and exit at full value. We aggressively seek the right investment opportunities in a declining environment and we deploy capital to the maximum benefit of our investors. We believe today there is a huge supply of very attractive restructuring opportunities, along with roll-ups and consolidations of companies across the board, and particularly in plays that provide businesses with virtual systems, physical security, asset protection, and management controls.”

“Today’s environment is target-rich for acquisitions. It is no news that M&A activity has heated up in Q2 2009 and is getting ready to take off in the month of August. For most, industry consolidation is a likely result of a troubled economy. For the optimists, perhaps it is a sign of recovery in the horizon. We believe in fundamentals and optimal dynamics,” commented Barbara D’Amato CEO of Trilogy Capital Corp, a West Coast alliance partner firm to Blackhawk Partners.