Visualant Inc.’s focus is to capitalize on the business opportunities in national security, document forgery/fraud, brand protection, label fraud, and product tampering. They develop low-cost, high speed, light-based security and quality control solutions. Visualant Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1998, they are part of the Business Services industry.

The Company’s patent-pending technology uses controlled illumination with specific bands of light. It measures and records what is viewable, and manages data gathered. This enables devices to establish a unique spectral signature for both individual and classes of items. When matched against existing databases, the spectral signatures allow precise identification and authentication of any item or substance.

Visualant’s color technology provides multi-dimensional spectral-based pattern file creation and matching. One can create color pattern files from any digital photograph or scan. There is no need to reprint, recreate, recall, or modify existing digital source documents. Pattern files matched against existing databases detect identity crime, forgery, counterfeiting, and other frauds. The technology uses full spectrum color patterns. They are more accurate than black and white systems.