VitaminSpice, LLC has had two successful days of news including reporting that online vendor orders have increased 700 percent since the end of the third quarter. That was released earlier this week along with the news that online vender sold out of VitaminSpice’s product lines two times in just a few days.

VitaminSpice is hoping that the success of christinacooks will be paralleled by IUCSS, Inc. when they launch their new website by the end of March. IUCSS placed an initial order with VitaminSpice for $25,000 worth of product in November with the intentions of the website going live in the first quarter of 2011. That time is here and the hopes are high that the website will produce a great deal of sales as well. The IUCSS site will be a health improvement-better living website providing Foodceutical, Nutraceauticals, supplements, and a nutritional line of products. The website will be the premier destination on the web for individuals to find healthy choices to improve your everyday life. VitaminSpice Products will initially be the highlight of the new website.

Today, VitaminSpice announced that it has signed an agreement with Extreme Motorsports for Team Ferrari sponsorship in the 2011 American LeMans Series. This is quite an accomplishment for a bulletin board company to work with such a well-recognized firm as Ferrari as the name of the high performance vehicles is known worldwide.

Edward Bukstel, CEO VitaminSpice, commented, “The company continues to work with iconic organizations in order to create and establish brand awareness on a national and international basis in retail and food services markets. Extreme Speed Sports and Ferrari represent excellence, and it is a natural fit for VitaminSpice to be associated with these companies. It is our goal at VitaminSpice to provide excellence in nutrition and delicious condiments, spices, ketchup, organic salad dressings, etc.”

With this new agreement, VitaminSpice is clearly on a mission to establish brand awareness for its products amongst retailers, restaurants, and consumers, families and children in the United States as well as worldwide as the Company looks to enlarge its footprint in the $100 billion health food/vitamin supplement industry and the multi-trillion-dollar traditional food industry.

More information on VitaminSpice and its full line of products is available on the Company’s website at