The Wayne, Pennsylvania Company VitaminSpice is a uniquely positioned corporation. A pioneer in the emerging foodceutical industry, VitaminSpice has made a name for themselves by selling an array of food products, vitamins and minerals which have placed their company between the $100 billion health food industry and the multi-trillion dollar traditional food industry. Today, VitaminSpice took a major step towards conquering both industries and enhancing their future by announcing they have partnered with CWC Sports Marketing.

CWC Sports Marketing is a California-based company that has established themselves as the pinnacle sports-publishing company in the United States. A great deal of the young company’s fame has come from their publication “Hoop”, an in-depth magazine for the NBA fan, having a national circulation of 2.4 million.

The brainchild of CWC is Herbert G. Dogan III who has established himself as an imminent figure in the world of sports marketing. Dogan has worked with such major companies as Nike, Gatorade and Verizon and even worked on a Super Bowl spot in 2004.

Dogan’s reach in professional sports runs very deep. Besides being a major player with brand named companies, Dogan has also developed ancillary properties for such athletes as Kurt Warner, Alex Rodriguez, Chris Webber and many more. Dogan has been a touchstone for marketing in the baseball, football and basketball arenas and his resume speaks for itself.

When asked about his thoughts on joining forces with VitaminSpice, Dogan was quoted as saying, “I’m extremely excited to be a part of the VitaminSpice Team. Since entering into our multi-million dollar marketing deal (over the next couple of years) we at Dogan Sports/CWC Sports have received outstanding feedback from high profile athletes and “A” list celebrities along with their personal chefs who desire to assist and support the marketing efforts of VitaminSpice nationwide. The excitement and technology of their products will surely change the US marketplace, as well as bring needed health benefits throughout the world.”

Leading the way at VitaminSpice is Ed Bukstel who serves as the company’s President and CEO. Bukstel is a known name in his industry and has dedicated a lifelong commitment to health and nutrition.

When asked about the impact of addition of adding CWC Sports to the VitaminSpice family, Bukstel stated, “Just take a quick look at who the advertisers are in professional sports, and you can see that’s where the big players are putting a large portion of their marketing dollars. VitaminSpice is a product with broad appeal and our partnership with CWC Sports shows that we’re ready to share it with a larger national audience.”

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