Vivakor, Inc., a transdisciplinary research company that develops and acquires primarily biomedical and electro-optic products, has put together the contacts and technologies to establish a healthy position in what is estimated to be a $1.9 billion marketplace.

The company’s business model is to be a research hub focused on scientific and market needs that are not currently being met. Vivakor’s mission is to advance or acquire technologies that help patients, researchers, clinicians, and consumers, and the company realizes the importance of obtaining and coordinating the best scientific and business support to do this. To this end, it has established key relationships with various collaborative partners, and has developed strong product-specific commercialization strategies. Vivakor will have the necessary partnerships and licensing arrangements in place for each of its products from the very beginning of product conception or acquisition.

This approach has important advantages:

• More efficient research and development
• Quicker time to market
• Greater value to Vivakor, through commercialization and subsidiary spin-off

Vivakor’s research efforts are focused on four primary areas:

• Molecular Medicine – The development of biologically relevant molecules, tests, and methods, along with their application in the practice of medicine (new drugs and diagnostic tools)
• Electro-Optics – The development of biomedical and related consumer products incorporating advanced optics and electronics (vision screening, disease detection and tracking)
• Biological Handling – The development of products for bio preservation (cryogenic storage and thawing for stem cells and other bio organisms and products)
• Natural and Formulary Products – The investigation, validation, and adaptation of herbal and botanical medicines (fruit and vegetable extracts, and other nutraceuticals)

Markets for the above related products are thoroughly investigated in relation to the efforts and costs required to develop and commercialize. A good example is the company’s new MRI enhancement product, based upon acquired HealthAmerica’s SLICESTM technology, which is believed to represent a market of over $300 million annually.