Vivakor, Inc. announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with consumer product specialist Regeneca International, Inc. for one of its proprietary, cutting-edge nutraceutical formulations. In concurrence with this agreement was an immediate purchase order from Regeneca for 25,000 units of the product.

Both companies hope this agreement is the beginning of a long term relationship for product commercialization. Vivakor CEO Tannin Fuja expressed his enthusiasm, “We are very excited for the possibilities of Vivakor’s line of nutraceutical products. Worldwide demand for nutraceutical products is expected to exceed $15 billion and Vivakor plans on being a substantial player in that market.”

Dr. Fuja continued, “We are particularly pleased to include in our new formulation the powerful, super-antioxidant star Yumberry (yang-mei in Chinese) also known as red bayberry that’s harvested from one hundred-year-old trees and the flavonoid-rich concord grape shown to contain potent antioxidants that may protect against oxidative stress and reduce the risk of free radical damage and chronic diseases.”

Regeneca’s President, Larry Walter, commented, “From our standpoint, this transaction makes a great deal of sense. The pilot program we completed with Vivakor demonstrated great promise for the product from both a commercial and personal health perspective. Regeneca is certain to be able to develop a strong niche in the nutraceutical market with this terrific product.”