Perhaps the most remarkable thing about upscale air travel broker VizStar Inc., doing business as Celestial Jets, is that it has somehow managed to give its expanding list of clients the best of two worlds. Specifically, it offers world-class luxury travel, but at a discounted no-contract price. It’s a unique combination that has special appeal to high-profile personalities looking to maintain an efficient first class lifestyle while trimming increasingly stressed personal and corporate budgets.
As a logical next step, VizStar recently opened a brand new office in none other than the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, tapping into the massive amount of private air travel in the region, and especially the image conscious entertainment industry. The new office, appropriately located on Sunset Boulevard, is able to provide the company’s famous 5-star service, with as little as 4-hours lead time.

But the office targets far more than just Beverly Hills and the entertainment industry. The company intends to serve the entire Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area, providing a more effective presence to serve busy executives or anyone seeking what is certainly the most comfortable way to travel. Making it even easier, VizStar requires no monthly fees, membership costs, or long term commitments.

VizStar CEO, Gary Clyburn, Jr., spoke of what the new office means to company growth. “Not only does this office offer enhanced convenience to our customers, it allows us to easily market to the large enterprises operating in the local area. We feel that our safety and service offerings will persuade new clients to use our services and gain further market penetration on the West Coast.”

The West Coast initiative is seen as the latest success in VizStar’s role as the fastest growing premier aviation charter broker.

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