In her first televised interview since the story of her arrest for public intoxication went viral, Samantha Goudie, also known as “Vodka Sam,” revealed that she deeply regrets the events that led to her Internet fame.

Goudie, a student at the University of Iowa, gained a massive Internet following when she was arrested for public intoxication after allegedly attempting to run out onto the field during one of her school’s football games. The 22-year-old student’s .341 BAC after her arrest, coupled with her decision to brag about the situation from the Twitter handle “@Vodka_samm,” resulted in a slew of endorsement offers and interview requests.

However, in her first-ever interview, Goudie told The Daily Iowan she wanted no part of her newfound fame. “I care about my life,” she said. “I could easily have just taken this opportunity and ran with it and been ‘Vodka Sam’ my entire life, but that’s not why I came to college. I didn’t come to college to drink and be ‘Vodka Sam.’”

Goudie added that she hadn’t “bragged” about her .341 BAC to gain national attention; it was merely a joke between her and her friends. “In the moment, I was tweeting from jail because my friends follow me on Twitter, not the entire nation,” Goudie said.  “I was completely embarrassed, just of the whole situation.”

Moreover, Goudie’s unwanted brush with fame had some noticeable effects on her personal life. The 22-year-old, who has battled depression in the past, had a hard time facing her college classmates. “I hated going to class,” she said. “I’ve struggled with depression, so I went into a depression for a little bit. I called my parents a lot.”

But “Vodka Sam” plans on turning her negative experience into a positive. The University of Iowa student will graduate from college in May and plans to enter graduate school to pursue a career in social work.

The Daily Iowan’s interview also revealed that Goudie was treated for an eating disorder in 2012. The 22-year-old stayed in a hospital for three months to combat the illness. “I used to think for the longest time that I was just failing,” Goudie said. “I couldn’t eat. I know what people who are going through [eating disorders] think, and how it’s hard to ask for help. I just want to help people through that process.”

Goudie admits that she still has the occasional dark day, but she recognizes that her past as “Vodka Sam” won’t last forever. “I need to fix my other problems. Like I still struggle with my eating disorder, I struggle with depression, and I’m still working my way out of this mess. I feel like I’ll get there, though.”

Goudie’s entire interview with the Daily Iowan can be viewed below.

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