The latest singing competition show on the block 'The Voice' premiered Tuesday attracting mixed response. While the viewers poured praises on show and judges on the internet, the critics seem to be far from impressed.

The show largely being seen as NBC's retaliation to 'American Idol' features for judges: Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton, who insist that they are coaches and not judges.

'The Voice', which also has been pitched as a show for discovering new talent, differs from 'American Idol', 'America's Got Talent', and 'The Sing-Off' by trying to remove the superficiality factor in judging real talent.

The premier unveiled what has been dubbed as blind auditions during which the judges have their backs to the stage. The celebrity mentors are expected to hit a button to get a particular singer on his/her team. Each judge will have to select eight acts to train. The eight will then be reduced to four each team, following which 'The Voice' is chosen by the audience through voting.

As of now, the celeb mentors have three singers each. Team Christina includes: Tarralyn Ramsey, Frenchie Davis and Beverly McClellan. Team Blake has Patrick Thomas, Elenowen, and Xenia. Team Cee Lo includes: Vicci Martinez, Kelsey Rey, Tje Austin while Team Adam includes: Jeff Jenkins, Rebecca Loebe and Javier Colon.

The Mark Burnett-produced show has garnered mixed reactions from viewers and critics. While the show has turned into a buzzing topic on online platforms like Twitter, some early reviews are damaging.
On the microblogging site Twitter, the show as well as the judges earned praises.

One user tweeted: #thevoice is MY NEW FAVE COMPETITION SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are all AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another shared: ohmygosh. I'm loving #TheVoice! Good job @NBC! #fb

Praising Cee Lo Green, who seems to have trumped Christina to emerge as the favorite among the four celeb mentors, another Twitter user posted: Damn this show is really good. This stuff makes me cry. @ceelogreen is so sweet. Love #thevoice to see his personality.

Meanwhile, the blogosphere and the entertainment media churned out varying reviews of the show. While a Entertainment blog admitted that the show was promising contrary to the initial expectations, a review on Entertainment Weekly was anything but kind.

It initially seemed overly complicated and overstuffed with celebrities... Plus, once the blind auditions are over, isn't it just another singing show? the blog on noted, before going on to admit, But what do you know? The premiere -- despite Carson Daly -- was promising. Cee Lo Green is a charmer. Christina Aguilera will always have a piece of my heart. And Blake Shelton is hilarious. I think I'll stick around.

Impressed by the personality of the judges, the Wall Street Journal observed that The Voice had more of a game show quality to it than many other TV singing competitions.

Entertainment Weeky's Ken Tucker, however, called the a garish bore.

The problems with The Voice begin with the fact that it exists, Tucker argued.

He goes on, Which is the other thing that makes 'The Voice' tedious: You're not just rooting for the singers, you're also supposed to root for the judges - they need to win over contestants so they can fill out their teams of eight vocalists.

Tucker concludes by rubbishing the blind audition process. Although distinctive, it lasts only for the few minutes of every contestant's initial performance.

Once the coach gets a load of who he or she might be coaching, the singer's whole package (look, age, attitude) comes into play as much as it does on Idol. So unless America is transfixed by spinning chairs - and by next week's new visual gimmick, a glowing boxing ring in which contestants will bellow it out - I can't imagine (or hope) The Voice will gather much momentum, he establishes in the review.