Today, next-generation Internet telephony software and service provider Voiceserve, Inc. announced that it has entered into a contract with the fastest growing mobile carrier in the Middle East for its Mobile VoIP Dialer. The Middle Eastern cellular phone company has 22 million subscribers to date and will offer Voiceserve’s award-winning mobile dialer software through a private label initiative under its own brand name. The companies plan to launch the offering this month.

In accordance with the agreement, Voiceserve created a VoIP phone application for the carrier’s mobile subscribers. It enables cellular communication via Internet/3G/EDGE connectivity and can be used with the iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Android, Win-Mobile and Symbian mobile phones.

In exchange, Voiceserve received a one-time license fee from the carrier and will receive an annual support fee for each user that signs up for the newly created dialer service. Subscribers will be able to take advantage of low cost communications provided by VoIP from their cell phones, regardless of their location, avoiding expensive roaming fees. This savings is a tremendous incentive for mobile phone users to download the dialer, which is an extremely fast and simple process, especially in countries where inter-country dialing is common.

Michael Bibelman, Voiceserve’s CEO, commented, “This contract is a significant validation of our leading-edge VoIP software capabilities embedded in our mobile dialers, and is our second significant commercial partnership. On an annual basis, if 10 percent of the carrier’s subscribers were to download the dialer, Voiceserve would generate incremental earnings per share of approximately $0.02. The expansion of smart mobile devices is escalating customer data needs, particularly with the advent of new applications such as video on demand. As a result, offering VoIP mobile dialers has become an essential competitive edge, especially for traditional telecom providers as they defend market share from a proliferation of independent providers. This phenomenon has created tremendous immediate opportunity for our windows based-open architecture VoIP software, and we are currently in the midst of an additional number of significant enterprise and partnership contract discussions.”