Voiceserve Inc., a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony software and service provider, today announced that its VoIP over data connection for iPhone/iPod has been authorized on the Apple Store. It’s an important addition to the company’s Vippie Mobile software, representing one of the first cellular software packages in the market to work across all networks, including 3G edge and WiFi.

Voiceserve’s Voipswitch Mobile dialer is a software package that enables regular cell phone users to make calls using a mobile phone via an Internet connection. As with Voiceserve’s Vippie Mobile Dialer for Symbian (for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, etc.), as well as Windows and Android phones, the Voipswitch iPhone dialer will offer all the cellular features to which users have become accustomed, including SMS text messaging, conference calling, call waiting and forwarding, and voice mail.

Voiceserve has developed a simple module, downloadable onto most mobile phone units, allowing ISP services, VoIP resellers, and business entrepreneurs to economically establish a VoIP telephone enterprise. Once the dialer has been downloaded onto the unit, the phone has the capacity to make a call using either 3G, EDGE, or WiFi connection, thus reducing the costs dramatically. Voiceserve’s Voipswitch license has expanded its range of modules to include the full range of mobile dialers, across all networks. A mobile dialer can be used by companies to reduce operational costs, or by individuals who want to save money on their monthly cell phone bill.

Voiceserve CEO, Michael Bibelman, commented on the development. “Heretofore, Voiceserve has focused primarily on delivering next generation services to Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) located in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and our revenues have been generated from license sales of our proprietary software, Voipswitch, a custom modular, all-in-one VoIP management platform.”

He continued, “Going forward our company is poised for material revenue acceleration as we quickly expand our geographic reach into the United States and Latin America, while simultaneously adding to our product line of modules, such as cellular dialers. The introduction of our Symbian Mobile dialer in early 2009, enabled our company to experience over a 50 percent increase in business with our customer base at that time as well as bring in new customers. With the addition of the iPhone and soon Blackberry modules, we anticipate great interest from our current customers, as well as an opportunity to attract many new clients.”