Forget the living room or the kitchen -- Volvo has officially unveiled its new upgraded versions of its S90 sedans, and they may very well be the new “home” center.

Volvo Car Group’s  Chinese owner, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., debuted the new premium versions of the S90 vehicles Wednesday. The new S90 Excellence holds a built-in refrigerator and crystal glassware by Orrefors, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

The new lineup of sedans features an improved-upon version of the standard S90 vehicle, the S90 Long Wheel Base and the S90 Excellence, according to Car and Driver. Both sedan models will be made in Daqing, China, where Volvo’s plant is. Production of the S90 models by Volvo was recently moved to China where the vehicles would be exported to global markets, Autoweek reported. The sedans will be manufactured in a select few Volvo plants in the U.S., Europe and China.

The vehicle that really has prospective buyers buzzing is the new S90 Excellence, though. The Swedish car company promised Bloomberg that the new luxury S90 Excellence would be “the most premium car ever made in China.”

So other than a fridge and high-end glassware, what else can consumers expect from the new S90 Excellence? Fold-out tables, cup holders that can both heat and cool beverages, a panoramic roof and a full entertainment system, to name a few features. “Lounge Consoles” have even replaced the front passenger seat.

“The first thing you notice in the S90 Excellence is that we have removed the front passenger seat and replaced it with what we call the Lounge Console, designed to meet the chauffeur-driven executive customers’ need to relax or work while on the move,” Volvo’s design chief Thomas Ingenlath said in a statement via Bloomberg.