Voyager Oil & Gas Inc. is an oil exploration and production company whose primary focus is on oil shale resource prospects in the continental United States. The company currently controls approximately 138,000 net acres in the following five primary prospect areas:

• 24,000 net acres targeting the Bakken/Three Forks in North Dakota and Montana
• 14,200 net acres targeting the Niobrara formation in Colorado and Wyoming
• 800 net acres targeting a specific Red River prospect in Montana
• 33,500 net acres in a joint venture which targets the Heath Shale formation in Montana
• 65,000 net acres in a joint venture in the Tiger Ridge gas field in Montana

The company announced today that its shares of common stock have been approved for listing on the NYSE Amex stock exchange under the symbol “VOG”. Voyager Oil’s shares, which are currently listed on the OTCBB, are expected to begin trading on the NYSE Amex Tuesday, March 1. 2011.

As with any other company, this is a huge step forward for Voyager Oil & Gas. The company’s CEO, J.R. Reger, stated, “This is an important milestone for Voyager. We believe that trading on the NYSE Amex will provide more liquidity for our current stockholders and increase visibility to the investment community.”

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