Like a thirsting wanderer in the desert, E*Trade Financial is beginning to see the vultures circling.

TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. and Charles Schwab have been increasingly vocal regarding their interest in the limbs of the beleaguered E*Trade. CNBC today reported the online brokerage was in talks of selling all or parts of itself to the highest bidder.

Delving more in depth, Charles Schwab, founder and CEO of his namesake, has stated he wouldn't touch E*Trade's banking assets with a 10-foot pole, yet his company may be interested in purchasing ETFC's brokerage accounts. Meanwhile, TD Ameritrade's CEO has been ogling E*Trade's retail operations.

As a result of the news, ETFC shares have finally shown some buoyancy, rallying more than 25% during the post-holiday early market close.