The Walking Dead, AMC's hit flesh-tingling (and flesh-eating) show has officially added a new cast member to its third season. British actor David Morrissey has been confirmed by the network to play the role of the Governor.

Morrissey has acted in several TV series, including State of Play, Sense & Sensibility, and Doctor Who. AMC states that David Morrissey's character will appear in the 16-episode third season, which will begin shooting in Atlanta in the spring.

Images from The Walking Dead comics portray the Governor as a worn-but-fierce-looking man with an eye patch and one arm. IGN Comics describes the character as a monster of a man who pits himself against protagonist Rick Grimes and his band of survivors.


According to IGN Comics, in The Walking Dead comics, the Governor secured a four-block area when he realized that the dead were returning to life. The safe-haven became known as Woodbury, where the self-declared Governor gathered around 40 survivors. The Governor has a dark side though, and those that cross him face a death sentence. In the graphic novels, the Governor dismembers those who anger him, and he feeds them to his zombie daughter, whom he has locked up in chains.

Brutal torture and war seem to surround this mysterious new character. No word on whether the AMC television series will follow the intense plot of the comics.