Norman Reedus has recently paid homage to a rock legend, Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, by having the musician’s name inked on his skin. The actor’s best pal Mastodon’s guitarist Brent Hinds also did the same during the two celebrities’ road trip to New Orleans.

“The Walking Dead” actor and Hinds got their new matching tattoos at New Orleans’ Abracadabra Tattoo shop over the weekend, according to TMZ. Reedus had the Motorhead frontman’s first name “Lemmy” tattooed on the right side of his chest. On the other hand, the Mastodon guitarist opted for a spade design that featured the letter “L” in the middle. The “L” designed spade tattoo was said to be in homage to Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” song. Meanwhile, Hinds had the said tattoo design inked on his arm.

He even shared a group snapshot on Instagram that showed him, Reedus and two other friends inside the shop. Binds captioned the image, “Making tattoos of Lemmy.” He also added a spade image to his social media post.

The group was said to be inside the said tattoo shop to film an episode for Reedus’ upcoming travel series “Ride with Norman” on AMC, as stated in the same report. The show will tackle stories of people who love motorbikes and explore the motorcycle culture across the U.S. The series will even feature Reedus going on several motorbike road trips with a friend.

Prior to New Orleans, Reedus embarked on a Florida road trip with Peter Fonda. Reedus previously co-starred with Fonda for the 2009 film “The Boondock Saints II: All Saint’s Day.” Both explored interesting spots in Florida where Fonda reportedly showed the actor some of his favorite locations. Reedus also traveled to Texas where he and Paul Reubens rode out to San Antonio .

AMC has yet to reveal the series’ release date, however, “Ride with Norman” is expected to hit the small screens sometime this 2016.