Season three of “The Walking Dead” has not even yet aired, but fans were treated to a big surprise on the AMC website. A sweepstakes held by the network teased that fans can win a trip to the season four set of “The Walking Dead.” So, has the hit zombie show been picked up for another season?

A contest collaboration between AMC and the American Red Cross offered blood donors at participating Red Cross blood donor centers a chance to win a three day, two night trip to the season four “Walking Dead” set. Don’t get too excited “Walking Dead” fans. Although the blood drive sweepstakes mentioned that one lucky winner would visit the season four set (a season that has not yet officially been announced), AMC was quick to clear up any confusion over the hit show being renewed before the third season even premieres. 

“‘The Walking Dead’ has not been renewed for a fourth season,” a rep for AMC told the Hollywood Reporter. “There was no inadvertent pickup of the series. Season three premieres Oct. 14. Promotional sweepstakes give-aways, which involve prospective future season visits or opportunities are common practice in television. The sweepstakes rules clearly state AMC may award a substitute prize if the future season opportunity is not available.”

While the show has not officially been picked up for a fourth season, it more than likely will be due to past numbers. According to Entertainment Weekly, the AMC series drew in a record-setting nine million viewers for its season two finale. 

This isn’t the first time that AMC’s website has caused some confusion for “The Walking Dead” viewers though. Before season two concluded this past spring, the website posted an ad for the second season DVD. In doing so, the network spoiled a major character’s death before the event even occurred. 

Although fans will have to patiently wait for season four news, the wait will be made easier by the upcoming third season. Set to kick off on Sunday, Oct. 14, “The Walking Dead” fans are in for a gory premiere. According to TVGuide, viewers shouldn’t be surprised if the first two episodes deliver A LOT of deaths. Fans will have to wait to find out whether its survivors or walkers who will be dropping like flies though. 

Another key spoiler? An “important near-death” experience. TVGuide reports that the mysterious near-death will lead Rick “to test out a theory that the comic books proved to be false.” 

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