After three successful seasons of twists, turns and zombies, "Walking Dead" is back with its eagerly anticipated fourth. Episode 1 left viewers hanging on the edge of their seat, with the introduction of a new threat that gives those infected, crazy side effects like bleeding eyes. The episode ended with viewers seeing Patrick collapse in the shower with bleeding eyes -- he could be the first victim of the possible new threat. This comes after earlier in the episode Patrick had complained about feeling ill with a fever and nausea.

Will he now return in Episode 2 as a zombie?

Reporter Amanda Remling discusses her theory about what the new threat might be -- perhaps the Ebola virus? But with no immunizations and health care, how will the new threat be tackled, and is the prison a safe place to be?

Ahead of Episode 2, Remling divulges details on the season ahead and what she predicts to be an insane season full of nail-biting zombie drama. The new threat, as we know now, appears to have been contracted through an infected animal. In the first episode, we get hints of this in the sick pigs and the injured boar.

The new threat could be the most dangerous yet for the prisoners battling to survive. Is it Ebola, or is it an entirely different virus? The struggle has begun to find a cure -- before it’s too late.