Where in the world is Beth Greene? “Walking Dead” fans are used to saying goodbye to characters, but the mysterious disappearance of Beth left viewers scratching their heads.

For those who don’t remember, episode 13 found Beth and Daryl seeking shelter in a funeral home. The duo, who had been growing closer since fleeing the prison, had hope for their new sanctuary. But they let their guard down, and their haven turned into a house of the walking dead. Daryl forced Beth to leave the house while he fought off the zombies, but when he went outside to join her, he found her bag abandoned on the ground … and a car speeding away.

“Walking Dead” viewers were left with a series of questions: Who kidnapped Beth? Is she safe? Is she alive? Where are they taking her? And despite the fact that Hershel’s youngest daughter has been missing from the past few episodes, a new promo poster for the Season 4 finale teases that Beth will be reappearing in episode 16, “A.”

“… Who will survive?” teases the poster first obtained by Screen Crush. The promo shows Beth holding a knife in her hand and wearing the polo shirt she took from the country club she stopped at with Daryl. While the background of the photo is blurred, it appears Beth is surrounded. But is she surrounded by walkers … or humans?

The promo poster seems to tease that some characters won’t make it out of the season finale alive, and other photos of Beth circulating aren’t leaving fans hopeful for Ms. Greene. Earlier this week, ComicBook.com posted photos of Beth that left “Walking Dead” viewers in a frenzy. One photo shows someone holding a knife to Beth’s throat and another features her on the ground … with her throat cut. The initial belief was that the photos of Beth were leaked from the Season 4 finale. But they are actually screenshots from actress Emily Kinney’s guest appearance on Fox’s “The Following.”

[Click HERE to see the death hoax photos of Beth (Emily Kinney).]

So, does Beth die? Or will she survive? The answer won’t be revealed until “The Walking Dead” season finale airs on Sunday, but many have been speculating about Beth’s fate -- and the consensus is that “The Hunters” have her. “The Hunters” are a group of survivors who appear in Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel. Consisting of about six members, the survivors turned to cannibalism when food supplies ran out and scavenging became too dangerous. First feasting on the children in their group, the Hunters then turned to loners and other weak survivors they stumbled across. Unfortunately for Beth, she falls into the “loner” and “weak” category.

After episode 15, viewers are now suspicious of the new sanctuary that Glenn and Maggie’s groups stumbled across, Terminus. The hyped haven seemed too good to be true. Could Terminus and new character Mary be part of the Hunters, and the Terminus posters their way of luring prey to their doors? Or is the real threat Joe and his men, the group that Daryl is traveling with?

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