Forget about fireworks this Fourth of July. AMC is kicking off the holiday weekend with a “Walking Dead” marathon and season four preview.

The zombie festivities begin on Thurs., July 4, at 1 p.m. EDT when AMC plays a back-to-back marathon of the original version of season one, including the special black-and-white edition. At 1 p.m. on Friday, July 5, AMC will air season two, and season three will air on both Saturday, July 6, and Sunday, July 7, starting at 1 p.m. [Click HERE for a full episode guide for the “Walking Dead” season four preview weekend.]

Besides catching up on past seasons, the weekend will give fans a chance to preview the highly anticipated fourth season. The weekend-long marathon will be hosted by “Comic Book Men” host Kevin Smith, who will be on the Atlanta set to talk to the cast and crew about the drama that lies ahead in future episodes. Besides exclusive interviews, viewers will be treated to some behind-the-scenes footage from the upcoming season.

Spoilers for season four have already begun to leak in advance of the series' return to AMC this October. Check out a compilation of teasers below:

A Zombie Bite?

Executive producer and special FX makeup designer Greg Nicotero recently told AMC’s “Walking Dead” blog that the season four premiere episode is jam packed with drama. “We had walkers. We had mummified corpses. We had puppets,” he dished. “We had zombie bites…”

Unfortunately Nicotero didn’t go into details too much, and fans will have to wait to see if it’s a well-known character that becomes zombie kibble, or just a random passerby. Another thing to think about is whether said character dies from the bite, or the group is able to amputate like they did with Hershel last season.

Power Plant

One of the mysterious fan photos from season four filming came from Plant Yates, a power plant in Coweta County, Ga. The shots leave a lot to the imagination as the only thing that can be seen are the production tents set up near the power plant. However, some rumors are circulating that it’s a “fairly large filming event” with about 120 production personnel and about 200 extras on hand.

An Injury For Rick

More set photos that have made their way online show Rick with his right hand bandaged. It appears that he still has use of his hand, but some fans are speculating that CGI might remove his hand if the series decides to follow the “Walking Dead” graphic novels.

In the graphic novels, Rick injures his hand in two situations: He first mutilates his hand by attacking a character named Thomas, and later, his hand is chopped off by the Governor.

New Characters

“The Walking Dead” will add two new recurring characters when the show returns. One character is named Laura, a single mother and former nurse. The second addition is Melody, a “tough and funny” woman.