Sunday was the dramatic mid-season finale of AMC’s "Walking Dead" as fans were shocked by the bloodshed, and the fact that not one, but three key characters were killed. Episode 8, "Too Far Gone," went far with the violence, as we were left pining for more information, and deciphering how the events of the episode will affect the second half of the season.

The Governor tried to convince his crew that there needed to be a prison takeover and they needed to attack. He revealed that both Michonne and Hershel were taken as hostages, as the tank was loaded and ready for conflict.

The tank tore down the fence of protection, which once kept the prison safe from the walkers, as they began to take over the grounds. Now it became a battlefield as the slaughter hit new heights and no one was safe.

In a graphic scene, the Governor's brutality is shown as he uses a katana to chop off Hershel’s head. Then the battle got more hands-on for the Governor and Rick, as a fistfight erupted. Rick was looking like he was in trouble, but is saved by Michonne, who stabbed the Governor. But it was Lily that killed him. Another sad character departure was that of Megan, who was killed by a walker.

Now fans are left to wonder what has happened to baby Judith and will she return safely to the second part of the season?

Now that the prison is no longer a safe place, IBTimes reporter Amanda Remling believes no one will be going back. While some people still remain sick from the new threat that emerged at the beginning of the season, the biggest threat moving forward remains the zombies.