“The Walking Dead” is nearing its Season 4 finale on Sunday, but are fans ready for all the sheer madness that’s about to go down in episode 16, “A”? We doubt it! According to the show’s creator, Robert Kirkman, “Walking Dead” fanatics will be left tossing and turning in their sleep when the hit AMC series reveals its biggest cliffhanger yet.

And we can hardly stand the anticipation. Are you in the same boat? We bet you are. That’s why we’ve decided to prepare fans for the “ambitious” season finale by giving you a recap of what has happened since the second half of the current “Walking Dead” season began.

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Episode 9, Midseason Premiere – “After” (Original Air Date Feb. 9, 2014)

Those who survived the Governor’s vicious prison raid have scattered throughout the woods in small clusters. This episode focuses in on the story of Rick, Carl and Michonne. After barely making it out alive, Rick and Carl hit the road, mourning the apparent death of Judith and looking for a place to recover after the attack. Eventually the two come across an abandoned house where they reside. As Rick lies terribly wounded on the couch, Carl goes off on his own proving he doesn’t need his father for protection. Carl raids a home for supplies but ends up narrowly escaping the clutches of a walker. That night, Rick attempts to reach out to Carl. But because of his wounds, he’s unable to communicate, leaving him to groan — that universal sound of a walker. Carl thinks his father has reanimated and considers putting him down. But he’s unable to. With that, Carl recognizes his own weaknesses. Rick musters the strength to communicate with his son, apologizing to Carl that he’s had to turn into a man so quickly. After father and son rebuild their relationship, they hear a knock on the door. It’s Michonne, who’s been traveling around solo — minus her two walker pets — tracking down her friends. In “After,” we watched Michonne face her own struggles as she reminisces about her life before the zombie apocalypse. This clarifies to fans that Michonne was once a mother, lover and a friend.

Episode 10 – “Inmates” (Original Air Date Feb. 16, 2014)

“Inmates” gives “Walking Dead” viewers information of who survived the prison raid and who didn’t. Initially, we learn Beth and Daryl have avoided becoming walker meat. Missing the departure of the bus, they headed off into the woods looking for survivors but find only Luke, one of the prison’s children, dead. The young boy isn’t the only one to have met his fate. Maggie, Sasha and Bob discover that the bus, which escaped from the prison, had crashed, leaving everyone dead and/or reanimated. Maggie learns that Glenn is not on the bus, beginning her journey to find her husband. Fans find out that Glenn, tired and as weak as he was, had never left on the bus. He stayed in the prison and ended up joining forces with Tara, who had locked herself in a fenced area. Tara reveals that her sister, Lily, had been devoured by walkers. Empathetic to her heartbreak, Glenn persuades Tara to help him find his wife. After making their way out of the prison, guns blazing, Glenn collapses. At that moment, an army truck zips by. Wanting to get Glenn out of harm’s way, the two board the vehicle, joining Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa. “Inmates” is also the episode when Carol makes her debut. On their journey to find safety, Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and Judith come across a father and son struggling with walkers. Unable to save their lives, the dying man tells Tyreese to follow the tracks to a haven called “Terminus.” While Tyreese is talking to the dying father, the children are attacked by walkers, only to be saved by Carol.

Episode 11 – “Claimed” (Original Air Date Feb. 23, 2014)

While Rick is resting in bed, Michonne and Carl decided to go on a supply run. During their raid, Michonne reveals to Carl that she used to have a son. He died at three years old shortly after the apocalypse occurred. During their hunt for supplies, Michonne discovers a family inside the home who had killed themselves. Overwhelmed with horror, the two leave the house. While Michonne and Carl are away, Rick wakes up to an unfamiliar sound of people. The house he’s resting in has been infiltrated by strangers. Rick is able to hide, but is forced to kill one of the men when he’s caught off guard. The dead stranger reanimates and Rick is able to escape the house, leading Michonne and Carl away from the untrustworthy invaders. On their journey, the three find a sign directing them to Terminus, a "sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive, Survive.” Meanwhile, Glenn and Tara face their own troubles when Maggie’s husband wakes from his spill. Confused about where he is, Glenn orders Abe to stop the truck. The two get into a fight, drawing the attention of nearby walkers. After shooting them all dead — and exploding their truck's gas tank — the five walk off together, joining efforts to survive. But Glenn’s mission is to find Maggie, while Abe’s is to save the world. According to the red-headed official, his associate, Eugene, knows what caused the apocalypse and they’re on their way to Washington, D.C., to end the disaster.

Episode 12 – “Still” (Original Air Date March 2, 2014)

Beth grows tired of living in the woods with Daryl, feasting on snakes and rodents. Anxiously, she reveals to Daryl that she wants to have her first taste of alcohol. The bowman accompanies her for safety, but Beth assures him she’s able to take care of herself. The two come across a country club and find a disturbing amount of walkers. After killing them, Beth sees the bar and grabs the only bottle left: peach schnapps. Tears swell up in Beth’s eyes as she stares at the bottle thinking of her father, who was killed. Daryl smashes the bottle and brings Beth to another location for a real drink. The two sip moonshine in a place that reminds Daryl of home as they play “Never Have I Ever.” After asking Daryl if he’s ever been in prison, he throws a drunken fit. The two break down in each other’s arms, reflecting on what happened at the prison. Beth then decides it’s for the best to burn down the house since it reminds Daryl of his life before the apocalypse. Burn baby, burn.

Episode 13 – “Alone” (Original Air Date March 9, 2014)

A flashback shows us how Daryl and Glenn found Bob. Bob’s story explains that he’s been on his own for quite some time, becoming the sole survivor of every group he’s encountered. Not wanting to be alone anymore, he joins the prison crowd. Present day, we see Bob, Sasha and Maggie fighting a group of walkers in the fog. The three barely survive the attack. Wanting to retreat, Sasha warns the group of the risk they’re taking, but Maggie is determined to reunite with Glenn. Her spirits rise when the three come across a sign for Terminus. Maggie explains that Glenn would go to the sanctuary looking for her, so the three set out on their journey to the refuge despite Sasha’s concerns. Maggie ends up running off from the group, after overhearing Sasha’s say she thinks Glenn is dead. Bob wants to go after Maggie, but Sasha has no desire to. Instead, they split up and Sasha stays in a deserted town looking to start a new life. Sasha explores her new “home” but sees Maggie through a window. Sasha knocks the window down and the noise of the shattering glass lures walkers toward the sleeping Maggie. Sasha runs toward her friend and the two take out every walker they see. They then decide to catch up with Bob and the three continue their journey to Terminus. In Episode 13, Beth and Daryl grow closer and the two find an inhabited mortuary full of corpses, peanut butter, pig feet and cola. The two are living the life — until, a hoard of zombies enter the home. Beth, who is struggling with a hurt foot, escapes the home first on Daryl’s command. Once Daryl makes his way outside, he notices Beth has been kidnapped. He tries to follow the car but eventually falls to the ground. Daryl is then greeted by the same group of men Rick had encountered in the home. This is also the episode where Glenn sees the signs leading to Terminus.

Episode 14 – “The Grove” (Original Air Date March 16, 2014)

This was hands down the most intense episode of Season 4. During this episode, fans are told the story of Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika and Judith as the five continue on their journey to Terminus. They stumble upon a house in the grove, where they decide to rest. Eventually, their little group falls in love with the comfort of the residence and decide to call it home. That it, until Lizzie goes insane. We’ve seen Lizzie act strange since the day we met her. She’s has an unnecessary sympathy towards the walkers, thinking of them as friends instead of flesh-eating foes. Tyreese becomes aware of Lizzie’s odd behavior when he sees the young girl break down after Carol kills the walker she’s “playing” with. While Carol and Tyreese are out, Lizzie kills Mika, attempting to prove that walkers are people, too. After convincing Lizzie to leave the area of her dead sister, Carol tearfully prevents Mika’s reanimation. That day, Tyreese and Carol try to figure out what to do about the mentally unstable little girl. They decided it's unsafe to bring her around people. The following morning, Carol endures many painful moments as she executes Lizzie and admits to Tyreese that she’s the one responsible for the death of Karen and David. Tyreese forgives Carol but tells her he won’t forget what she did. The two and baby Judith leave the haunted home and continue their journey to Terminus.

Episode 15 – “Us” (Original Air Date March 23, 2014)

This is the last episode to air before the Season 4 finale. It tells the dramatic story of how Glenn reunites with Maggie. On his way to find his wife, Glenn encounters many obstacles, the biggest one being a long, dark tunnel full of walkers. Abe and his group decided it’s too risky, but Glenn refuses to turn back after seeing Maggie’s sign for him to head to Terminus. Glenn and the injured Tara, who feels guilty about what occurred at the prison, head into the tunnel facing walkers trapped under boulders. After carefully climbing through the course of zombies, Glenn sees a gaggle groaning undead bodies shuffling in their path. Tara urges for them to retreat but Glenn continues on. That’s when Tara’s leg gets caught in the rocks. Unable to remove the heavy object trapping Tara, Glenn contemplates leaving her behind. But instead, he stays with Tara firing all his bullets ready to take on the walkers. In the nick of time, Abe, Eugene and Rosita appear alongside Maggie, Sasha and Bob. The six blast away all the walkers. Maggie and Glenn have a touching reunion. Poor Daryl, however, is learning how to survive with a new group and new rules. He learns the leader Joe’s rules, which is to claim and be honest. Daryl ends up getting accused by Len, a troubled group member, for stealing his rabbit. Joe knows Len is lying and the group ends up beating him to death, sticking an arrow straight through his head. After killing Len, the men continue their mission to find the man who killed their friend. Rick’s tracks are leading them straight to Terminus.

The Season 4 finale of “The Walking Dead,” episode 16, will air on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. Are you looking forward to finding out what Terminus is in “A”? Let us know in the comments section below.