Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” continued on Sunday, Nov. 16, telling the tale of yet another character’s mysterious backstory. The episode 6 sneak peeks revealed to fans that “Consumed” would follow Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) – but no one expected Carol’s time away from the prison to be exposed.

Episode 6 kicked off with a flashback to when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) made Carol take a car and leave while out on a run for supplies. “Walking Dead” fans will remember that Carol had killed and burned two prison members who had come down with the flu. Carol thought she was doing the right thing – but Rick didn’t agree.

After leaving the prison, Carol found shelter at a local law firm. She was getting ready to settle in when she discovered smoke coming from the location of the prison. A short drive showed her that the camp had been attacked.

Cutting back to present day, “The Walking Dead” continued the tale of Carol and Daryl on the trail of the mysterious car with the cross. The pair followed the vehicle from a distance as it drove into Atlanta. But unfortunately they lost them when their car ran out of gas.

Carol and Daryl were forced to find a place to hole up for the night, and Carol suggested a building right around the corner. It turned out to be a former shelter that she used to stay at with her daughter, Sophia. The shelter triggered memories for Carol, and it didn’t help when the two encountered a child walker. Carol was ready to bite the bullet and put the kid down, but Daryl warned her that she “didn’t have to.” She listened, and when she awoke the next day she found Daryl had taken care of it and burned the body.

The pair left the shelter and continued trying to track the car with the cross. All the while, Carol and Daryl had discussions of “starting over.” But it’s hard to start over when trouble is around every corner – and in this case the trouble was Noah (Tyler James Williams).

Beth’s (Emily Kinney) friend from the hospital held a gun to Daryl and Carol and demanded their weapons. They handed over the crossbow, and Noah took off after apologizing … and setting some walkers loose. The two were forced to fight with small blades, but Carol was still packing a gun. She hit two walkers before aiming at Noah. Luck was on Noah’s side though. Daryl pushed Carol’s gun, forcing the bullet to miss him.

“He was stealing our weapons,” Carol argued. But Daryl countered that he was just a kid.

Down some weapons, they walked out to a bridge that had a white van with crosses on the window. The van was dangling off the side of the bridge, but that didn’t stop Daryl. He was desperate for clues to Beth’s whereabouts, and didn’t care about the cost to get it. Fortunately the van did hold a clue – the name “Grady Hospital” on a gurney. The bad news was that the van quickly became overcome with walkers … forcing Daryl and Carol to buckle up in the front seat and go over the side of the bridge.

Despite the nasty fall, Carol and Daryl made it out of the crash alive – but scuffed up. While Daryl shrugged off any injuries, Carol was feeling the pain. In order to recoup, the two set up a small camp across from Grady Hospital. But their plans to spy were interrupted by Noah. He had somehow ended up in the same building as Daryl and Carol, but this time they were able to get their hands on him.

Daryl trapped Noah under a bookshelf and planned to leave him there for a walker to get. “I already helped you once,” Daryl told a begging Noah. “Ain’t happening again.”

He had seemingly reverted back to the Daryl that “Walking Dead” viewers first met in Season 1. And while Carol had definitely evolved over the past few seasons and became a bit “hardened,” she was the angel on Daryl’s shoulder – telling him that they couldn’t just leave Noah there.

Daryl gave in and helped Noah – and in the nick of time. Noah went to the window and discovered that they had attracted the attention of the people at Grady hospital. It was then that Daryl and Carol discovered that Noah knew Beth, and that the people at Grady hospital had her. The trio raced to hide from their new enemies, but Noah’s injuries from the bookshelf slowed them down. Daryl told Carol to run ahead, and she did … right in front of the car with the cross.

The car struck Carol, but Noah stopped Daryl from chasing after her. He explained that Grady Hospital had medical supplies in order to help her.

“We can get her back,” Noah told him. “Beth back.”

Daryl asked Noah what it would take to get them back, and Noah responded “a lot.”

“They have guns, people,” Noah explained.

“Yeah, so do we,” Daryl fired back.

Season 5, episode 6 of “The Walking Dead” concluded with Carol getting taken away by the people at Grady Hospital, and Daryl and Noah heading back to the church to recruit Rick and the others.