The termites might be exterminated but it looks like our friends from “The Walking Dead” will have a new pest problem to take care of when episode 4 of Season 5 airs Sunday, Nov. 2. According to the synopsis of “Slabtown,” next week’s installment of the hit AMC series will introduce viewers to a new threat in the post-apocalyptic series in addition to revealing the anticipated storyline of Beth (Emily Kinney). And yes, it’s safe to say there’s a pretty large correlation between the two.

The new group of survivors, set to make their “Walking Dead” debut in “Slabtown,” will initially appear to be nice. But if we’ve learned anything from Terminus it’s not too be fooled by a sweet smile or a plate of barbequed mystery meat. As previously reported, the new characters will slowly reveal their dark side, not to mention their connection to Beth, in next week's installment.

In episode 13 of Season 4 Beth was mysteriously kidnapped, right from under Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) nose. Since her abduction fans have been left completely in the dark regarding her whereabouts. But finally Beth’s puzzling storyline will be revealed in the upcoming episode of “Walking Dead.” During episode 3 Daryl spotted the car that snatched Beth and followed it into the night with Carol (Melissa McBride) by his side.

He later made his return to the church with an unknown guest(s) trailing right behind him. “Come on out,” he yelled into the woods, concluding the episode. So who was with Daryl? Was it Carol? Beth? Or a new “Walking Dead” character? That’s yet to be revealed. However, thanks to a sneak peek video, we’re one step closer to getting to the bottom of Beth’s perplexing plotline than we were when episode 3 began.

In the video, Beth wakes up in a hospital, with a gash on her head and an IV in her arm. When she attempts to leave the room, she realizes she’s been locked in. After a few screams she hears someone walking towards the room, which is when she pulls out the needle to use as a weapon.

What appears to be a doctor and police officer walk in, telling Beth “everything’s OK” and to drop her IV-weapon. They describe themselves as Dr. Steven Edwards and Officer Dawn Lerner before asking Beth how she’s feeling. But the only question on Beth’s mind (and ours) is where is she?

A New Zealand promo for episode 4 teases the answer -- and it’s bound to leave you on the edge of your seats. According to the video, Dawn explains to Beth that her officers “found her,” adding that the blond farm girl is now indebted to them. (Looks like Dawn's dark side will get revealed sooner than we thought.) But Beth will be anything but grateful when she learns she’s trapped in the rundown hospital away from her friends, family and sister.

Do you think Daryl helped Beth escape? Sound off in the comments section below with what you think is next for Maggie’s sister in episode 4 of “The Walking Dead," which will air Sunday, Nov. 2, at 9 p.m. EST.