“The Walking Dead” released its first trailer for the last episodes of Season 5 ahead of its Feb. 8 midseason premiere. In it, the group is battling its way through a dense, foggy forest. The mysterious direction and enemies in the trailer are an apt metaphor for the current direction of the show’s characters, who now find themselves with nowhere to go.

When last we left the survivors [SPOILER ALERT] they had just failed to rescue Beth (Emily Kinney) from the Hospital crew. They thought their next stop would be Washington, D.C. where Eugene (Josh McDermitt) was going to flip a few switches and cure the zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, Eugene revealed to everyone far too late that he was a fraud and totally incapable of saving the world. After Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) beat Eugene within an inch of his life, the D.C. crew reunited with the rest of the group to mourn the loss of Beth. With D.C. a bust and no one else to rescue, the survivors find themselves with no real direction and only one objective – survival.

As the trailer’s ominous voiceover from Rick (Andrew Lincoln) reminds the audience, surviving together is really all they have left. However, this season won't just show the survivors wandering through the woods with no direction. While teasing the second half of Season 5, “The Walking Dead” showrunner Scott Gimple hinted that the group would not be aimless for long.

“The back eight has a very interesting structure. There are some very emotional moments, there are some very crazy moments and there is a huge change for the situation of these characters.”

It’s unclear what this change will actually be. As The Wrap points out, Rick’s episode one savior, Morgan (Lennie James), has been hot on the trail of our heroes all season long. An scene in the midseason finale's end credits saw Morgan arrive at the church shortly after Rick had left. He finds a map outlining the group’s movement plans, hinting that he may link up with the gang relatively soon. Could he bring with him a new direction for the survivors?

“We used to move in a direction based on fear,” Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, said. “Now we’re running toward things and we’re hitting things head on.”

The final episodes of “The Walking Dead” premiere Feb. 8 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.